Welcome to my world.

Welcome to my blog! I’ve been thinking about starting this for a while now and am finally taking the plunge back into the world of blogging. I started one a few years ago that mostly had to do with food but stopped when I learned I could Yelp and become an Elite member, meaning I get invited to different events within my city and am able to try new restaurants for free. If you haven’t looked into it you probably should. I mean who wouldn’t pass up on something for free where all you needed to do was share your opinion on the latest and greatest restaurants. Sounds right up any American’s ally.

This time around I wanted to take a different approach to the world of writing. This blog will be broader and dealing with the normal life topics. Work. Love. Food(I couldn’t not include it!). Travel. Stuff like that. I figure since I’m 30 now I had to expand my horizon’s and not just talk about the latest ice cream joint in town (even though that is a very important topic!).

Now the you know what you will be reading about I feel like I should probably tell you a little bit about me since it is my first post. I feel like most people have that five minute elevator intro speech that they give to different people and edit it depending on the social situation you are in-meeting new work colleagues, meeting a potential love interest, meeting a friend of friend, etc. It usually includes what you do for a living, where you grew up/live now and maybe a hobby for two. I’ll keep it more simple and describe my self in a few short sentences. I feel short and sweet is the way to me.

::About me::
Single.(ready to mingle depending on the person/day)
East Coast Dweller who after living on the west coast for a few years wishes she could be bi-coastel.
Fiercely Independent.
Free Spirit.
World Traveler.
Lover of all things Disney.
Wine, cocktail, beer enthusiast.
(Almost) Home Owner.

Well that that’s out of the way we can get on to the good stuff that includes all my random thoughts of life-let the adventure begin. Cheers!